We have significant experience in the drafting and negotiation of a broad spectrum of commercial contracts. We approach contract drafting and negotiation commercially, seeking to achieve a balance between risk mitigation and economic advantage for our clients.

We are able to assist our clients with both routine commercial contracts as well as complex and high value commercial contracts.

Some of the commercial contracts we have experience advising on include:

  • Sale of goods contracts;
  • Contracts for supply of services;
  • Outsourcing contracts (including contract manufacturing/toll manufacturing agreements);
  • Procurement contracts;
  • Technology licensing contracts;
  • Broadcast content distribution contracts;
  • Satellite capacity/bandwidth long term lease contracts;
  • Logistics contracts;
  • Software development and integration contracts;
  • IT system development/procurement contracts;
  • Facilities management contracts; and
  • Franchise/distribution and sales agency contracts.

We also advise clients on various commercial, regulatory and compliance aspects related to their commercial arrangements, including such matters as:

  • Anti-bribery and sanctions compliance;
  • Tax aspects of structuring of commercial arrangements;
  • Competition law aspects of exclusivity arrangements with distributors and agents;
  • Consumer protection regulations;
  • Intellectual property protection, including registration of trade and service marks;
  • Sector-specific regulatory requirements, e.g.Telecommunications type-approval, product standardisation/quality clearances, product labeling and marketing regulations (including restrictions on distribution/sale of specified products in certain countries); and
  • Dealing with disputes in commercial transactions and termination arrangements.